Review Policy



I do not charge for reviews, and I will not accept payment in exchange for a review. I do accept copies of books in exchange for an honest review. I prefer either audiobooks or electronic copies (must be compatible with the Kindle app). I will also accept physical copies. I reserve the right to offer the physical copy of the book as a giveaway along with the review.

If I agree to read your work, it does not guarantee a review or even that I will finish the book. I read for pleasure, so if I don’t like the book, I may not finish it. This is not a judgment on the quality of your work; it is only a reflection of my taste. I will not post reviews of books that I do not finish.

I cannot guarantee a timeline for your review, or that it will be published by a certain date. My TBR list is quite long at the moment, so it may even be up to six months before my review of your book is posted.

I especially enjoy historical novels and non-fiction, poetry, literary fiction, and memoir. I generally avoid anything involving vampires, zombies, and fantasy, as well as sci-fi (although I do enjoy a good dystopian novel now and then). Please mention if you are a female author, author of color, or an LGBTQ+ author, as I enjoy reading diverse voices. If your book is romance, please specify whether the “intimate” scenes are explicit in nature. Absolutely nothing misogynistic, homophobic, racist, etc.

In your email, please include the author, book title, book summary, genre, publisher, page and/or word count, and links to any relevant websites. Please mention if you are also interested in a guest post or author interview.

I publish my reviews on this blog, as well as on Goodreads, Amazon, and NetGalley. Links to these reviews are also shared on Facebook and Twitter. Please also let me know if you have a blog or website that you would like it linked back to, as well as where I can find you on social media.

Fair warning: I am very picky regarding which books I agree to review! Please know that I’m quite difficult to offend, although I have little patience for truly bad writing.

To submit an inquiry, please email me at:


Rating System:

5 tiaras = I 100% absolutely adored it!

4 tiaras = I really liked it!

3 tiaras = It didn’t excite me, and I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

2 tiaras = I didn’t like it.

1 tiara = I hated it!

Note: As are all reviews, mine are completely subjective. I have disliked books that have earned numerous five star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Just because I don’t like a book, doesn’t mean that it is inherently bad. It’s just my opinion!